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ACES is hosting its 2021 Annual General Meeting – and you’re all invited to attend! 

Date: 22nd September 2021
Time: 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM (Sign-in begins at 5:45)

The night will involve:

  1. Reports from the President, Vice-presidents (Industry and Social), Treasurer and Secretary on the year so far

  2. Elections for vacant positions on our Committee

  3. Any general business

We’re giving everyone the opportunity to be involved with ACES!
All vacant positions are listed below.

Executive portfolio:

- President
- Vice President (Social)
- Vice President (Industry)
- Treasurer
- Secretary


Officer Portfolio:
- Assistant Treasurer
- Industry Officer
- Events Officer

- Continuity Officer
- Marketing Officer(s) (up to two)
- Publication Officer(s) (up to two)


Representative Portfolio:
- International Representative
- Third Year Student Representative
- Second Year Student Representative
- Postgraduate Student Representative
- Academic Student Representative
- General Representative(s) (up to four)


Detailed descriptions for all roles can be found here.

Nomination form for all other electable positions can be found here. This nomination link will close at 5PM on 21/09/21 but we’re also taking nominations for these roles on the night of AGM!

General representative positions will be co-opted and require a separate nomination form to be filled. This nomination link will close at 5PM on 26/09/21. Successful candidates will be contacted at a later date.

Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to seeing you at the ACES AGM!


*Proxy voting will not be permitted due to the online format. All votes this year will be facilitated through the anonymous polling on zoom.

**All candidates, nominators and seconders are required to be an Ordinary Member of at least 7 days and be a Clayton student to quality.

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